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Sea Breeze: The Phantom Queen Diaries Book 8 - A Temple Verse Series (Signed Paperback)

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    Remember when dead in the water was just an expression? Not anymore.

    Fresh from her unplanned stay in the Otherworld, Quinn MacKenna is forced to wait in Fae’s worst Air BnB—a grotesque gingerbread house in a forest full of breadcrumbs—for the captain who will guide her ship to the fabled Atlantis.

    But just as idle hands are the Devil’s workshop, idle minds are the Titans’ torture chamber.

    The last thing Quinn needs to do is climb down the rabbit hole of her own fears and self-doubts to confront her inner Beasts. She has enough on her mind as she struggles to rediscover her identity and frets over the whereabouts of an old friend bent on vengeance and mayhem. An old friend she may have to put in the grave, whether she wants to or not.

    Before she can worry about any of that, Quinn will first have to heal old wounds, enlist the aid of allies old and new, and somehow survive the turbulent tides of fate. Unfortunately, in order to stay afloat, she’ll have to sail into yet another unfamiliar world, a realm of monsters and men and gods so old they are known only as Titans.

    It’s all hands on deck—monsters, sea-dogs, and scallywags—as Quinn strives to save who can be saved and beat those who must be beaten. With new powers at her disposal and an ill-matched crew to manage, it will be up to her to navigate these troubled waters. Odysseus may as well have taken a leisure cruise back from Troy compared to Quinn’s fatally fateful voyage.

    Quinn will have to bring enough rum to get a Cyclops drunk. Or die trying. Because it’s awfully hard to steer when gods are rocking the boat.

    And the world desperately needs her to come back home.