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Knightmare: A Nate Temple Series Book 12 (Signed Paperback)

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    Nate Temple must die...

    Mordred—the bastard son of King Arthur—has returned, and he will stop at nothing to utterly destroy everything his father ever created—burning the Arthurian Legend from the history books for good.

    He’s already defeated Nate Temple once, corrupting the fabled Knights of the Round Table into darker, nigh-invincible, merciless, killing machines—Knightmares.

    And once Camelot is nothing more than a pile of fiery rubble, Mordred plans to conquer St. Louis—after slaughtering Nate and everyone he’s ever cared about, of course.

    But a vengeful god is also hunting Nate, and starts attacking his friends to draw him out. When one of Nate’s best friends is gravely wounded, Nate is forced to make an impossible choice—save his city from Mordred or save his friend from a blood-crazed god.

    Both foes carry enough daddy issues to grant a first-year psychologist a second-year retirement. But Nate’s not that stable either, and if he can’t get a grip on his own demons, his victory might very well be worse than anything either of his enemies ever could have imagined.

    The only option left is to shatter all the rules, opening himself up to deadly powers better left untouched and forgotten—and even that is a fool’s gambit, a whisper of a hope.

    Then again, if we don’t have hope, we’ve already lost.

    So, it’s time for Nate Temple to roll the dice.

    Because in this game, even Hope can die...