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Carnage: A Nate Temple Series Book 14 (Signed Paperback)

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    The gods never should have opened Pandora's Box...

    Nate Temple has been abducted by Zeus and is thrown into the middle of an Olympian family feud that could very well kick off the Omega War all by itself.

    There is one weapon that Zeus believes will turn the tide. Pandora's Box. But his neglect left it on earth for far too long, and Pandora has found a new master to serve. Nate Temple.


    Because Zeus put one thing inside the Box that he never should have...Hope.

    And Hope is a dangerous thing to leave unattended...

    Nate will need every ally and every tool at his disposal to have a chance at surviving. The only problem is that none of those allies have any idea where he is, but they're scouring the world to find him. Before it's too late.

    The only way out of this insanity is for Nate to face old demons, unite old friends, and outmaneuver plans that have spanned decades. The Dread Four must Ride to save their Brother, the Horseman of Hope, or everything will burn.

    Even if they win, everything might just burn all the same. But will it burn with Hope...or Despair?