Helpful BookFunnel Tips

First of all the Argento Team wants to thank you for being one of our most loyal readers. Buying Direct from the Author helps to invest further into the books, more merchandise, added in-person meetups, etc.

In order to buy direct from the author, Argento has chosen to partner with BookFunnel. BookFunnel is one of the top delivery services for authors and publishers. Let's get to the really helpful stuff:

The BookFunnel App

The BookFunnel app allows you to download a book to your Android device, Apple iOS device, or Amazon Kindle Fire tablet wirelessly. It is not required, but the Bookfunnel App does make the download process faster and simpler. It has no ads, no tracking, and no pop-ups. DOWNLOAD BOOKFUNNEL APP

Get your downloaded book on your Kindle

Are you wanting to read your book on your Kindle? No problem. Kindle allows for MOBI files to be added to all Kindle devices. This may take a few extra steps, but can be done. Here are some helpful links to help you navigate the settings you will need to complete to make this very simple going forward.

Step by Step - Video

Step by Step Instructions