The Phantom Queen Diaries — Quinn MacKenna

Quinn MacKenna is a black magic arms dealer from the mean streets of Boston.

She knows how to drink, fight, and steal dangerous magical artifacts – but not for money. For favors. Because all her life she’s wanted only one thing – a secret so dangerous and well-guarded that no one will give it up.

A ticket to the Land of the Fae so she can find her dad and finally get some answers about her past.

So she doesn’t ask questions of her clients, only favors, hoping that they will eventually add up to get her what she so desperately desires. And with her unique ability to nullify magic, the world’s deadliest artifacts – or the clients who demand them – don’t really impress her very much.

But that all changes when she accidentally robs the infamous Nate Temple, and finds herself in a much deeper world of monsters and conspiracies than she ever knew existed. Because Nate Temple and his friends aren’t the only things to be afraid of.

Now she has to worry about his enemies, too…

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