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Black Sheep Feathers and Fire Book 6 (Signed Paperback)

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    The White Rose is dead. Long live the White Rose.

    Callie Penrose returns home to find a year has passed, and that everyone believes her long dead.

    Roland Haviar, once her mentor and now a Master Vampire, has become a bloodthirsty tyrant, fulfilling his vow to bathe the City of Fountains in blood until he avenges her death. And the Vatican Shepherds, once his brothers, stand in his way.

    In his quest for closure, Roland surrounds the city in a magical barrier that blocks all methods of escape—or help—giving him time to seek out an ancient artifact powerful enough to put an end to everyone and everything once and for all…

    In honor of Callie Penrose.

    But when Callie is mysteriously cursed to appear as a demon, she finds herself hunted by the very people she wants to protect. Her only hope is to forge new alliances—make deals with devils—to stop the man she once loved as a father.

    And all the while, the devil laughs in delight, naming Callie friend as he waits with bated breath for the world to end…